Sunday, December 28, 2008

So much has happened since our exciting announcement and we're slowly falling behind so I thought I would give a quick update with a lot of pictures to get us caught back up.  We had a surprise 50th birthday party at the Melting Pot for Wendy! It went great, and was delicious! 
Al brought Wendy in for the big surprise

The delicious fondue spread

 Wendy's glory day pictures
    Thanks so much to all of Wendy's kids that helped put it together!

Next was our little Thanksgiving outing to Cascade.  We had a great time with all of Stacie's family and a delicious Thanksgiving dinner!

The beautiful cabin that we stayed in by the Lake

The start of a big "just for fun" poker tournament

The end of the tournament with Stacie being the big winner!

The whole fam!

Next was our quick trip to Idaho City to get our Christmas tree.  We have done it every year since we have been married so it has kind of become a little family tradition.  Last year I fell in a creek up to my thigh so I made extra sure that didn't happen this year.  We went up with Kendra and Barrett and their kids and had a great time and really picked out a winner!

Bo and Kendra
Eden staying warm
Anson (having a blast!)

Here is the finished product and it was a good one!

We have also been working on a little remodel in our house.  Stacie is going to start working out of the home starting in January so with a lot of help from her dad we have been changing one of our bedrooms into a salon.  Here  are a few before and after pics.  Once we have the finished product I'll make sure to get a picture up! Also thanks so much to Jim for his help with the plumbing! We couldn't have done it without him.

Carpet out and wall cut out for door

New door cut in

Cabinets and chair finally in place

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Most Exciting News of Our Lives!!!

Watch this short little video clip to see what's new in our lives right now! For some reason the first 16 seconds are blank so just skip them and get right to 17 seconds.  We're so stoked!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wow, A lot has happened!

Well we finally got a new computer yesterday since my laptop crashed a couple of months ago and we haven't been able to do much blogging but so much has happened since our last post so I thought I would take things into my own hands and get work done! :-) Stacie has been really busy as this holiday season has been rapidly approaching.  Not only has she been busy with her business but WE BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE!!! And since I'm not a lot of help decorating, she has been taking care of most of that.  So we've been in our place for about 3 weeks now and absolutely love it!  Haven't taken any pictures yet but thats cause we don't love the paint job.  Anyways we're in, and with a lot of help from Stacie's parents we will hopefully have her a salon put in by the end of the year so she can start working out of the house in case we decide to have kids someday :-)  I have still been doing the same old thing, going to work at UPS every night at 10:30, and trying to finish up this semester strong.  I'll start my student teaching next month though and graduate in May, so I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Stacie's dad bought tickets for the Nevada vs BSU game this last weekend so we took a little guys trip to Reno.  It was Big Al, Charlie, Scott, Brad Lau, and myself and we had a blast.  Spent a little time at the tables but most of the time at the buffets which we made sure to get our moneys worth!  It was a fun game though and we had a great time.  This coming weekend for Thanksgiving we're going to Tamarack with all of Stacie's family to celebrate Thanksgiving and just get out of town, so that we'll be nice.  We'll be sure to take some pictures and hopefully get a little more on top of our blog updates.

Monday, October 13, 2008

4 YEARS!!!

Wow! Travis and I just celebrated our four year anniversary! I can't even believe its been that long! It seems like just yesterday! We spent the night in Mc Call and it was very relaxing! We went and grabbed burgers and stayed in all night and watched the Red Sox game. As boring as that sounds to some people- it was so fun! We also went to some hot springs by Donnelly (?) they were called Gold Forks. It was really neat! I recommend it! I just have to say that I love Travis and am so grateful for our relationship! Things are better than ever! I would post a picture, but our lap top is toast.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Baby Info

I forgot the most important info about the new baby!

Her name is Brynlee Mae Spencer and she was 7 lbs. 5oz. and 20 1/2 inches. This is her showing off her flexibility skills!
Silly girl!

We are still here!

Hello Everyone!
Man, we have been so busy! we finished up the summer and Travis is back to school. (technically, he never stopped- summer school!) Anyways, so much has happened!!

First and most important! Kylee and Scott had their baby! Yeah! I am so excited to be a new aunt! She is adorable and healthy! Kylee was such a trooper, as everyone knows her to be. And Scott was very sleep deprived. I think he had been at the hospital for a while (he worked a shift before she went into labor) But all is well and she is very sweet!! This whole situation really bumps up my baby hungry-ness(?)!! HaHa!

I think she might be thinking about christening Scott's shoulder! It's still so cute!

I'm going to rewind a little bit. We finished off our summer with a fun ol' backpacking trip. This is my second outing and I really enjoy it. The only thing is that I always find a way to get hurt, especially when Luke and Bryn go. Bryn couldn't make it his time, but I still managed to pull it off! Anyone that knows me and is wondering if I twisted my ankle--I did! Yes, would you expect anything else? And I got two huge blisters- but all in all I loved it! The weather was perfect and it was nice to be outside of the hussle and bussle of the city!
We started the hike around 10 and finally got our tent set up at midnight!
A little fishing- no luck though!
And a little relaxing!
We hiked to the Trinity Lakes passed Anderson Dam. There were so many little lakes that were nestled in the mountains. We will definitely go again!

In other recent news, Travis just had his first football game with Lewis and Clark last night and they won!! He is such a good coach and the boys really listen to him and look up to him. They needed to shield their eyes for a moment though, while Travis got a 15 yd penalty! All he was doing was defending his poor, skinny kicker! But all that matters is that they won! (in overtime) Yeah!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lots of Fun!

These pictures are from Memorial Day. I went down to Utah with my mom and dad to see the fam. We stayed with my sister and I got lots of fun pictures! My little niece is so cute and the smartest little girl in the world! I'm sad they don't live in Boise, maybe someday! It was good to see everyone and to see my grandpa's resting place. The last time I was there it was winter and I couldn't get a look. I love him so much and miss him already!

Carly and I at a tea-party!This is a picture of all of the ladies on the Tingey side (except Melanie and Kylee)

My mom found the kitchen sink she wanted at Ikea and this is how we got it back to my sisters!My grandma's new dog, Gidget, loves Carly!

This is my cousin Heidi and her son Hudson. He is such a sweet boy and so dang cute! I love how you can pinch his rolls all over!
Carly and her bee boots! I wish that the video download was working because when you ask her what is on her boots- she buzzzzs all over town!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A busy week!

So much has happened this last week! We have been busy! It all started with a round of golf. It was my first time actually hitting all holes and keeping score- lets just say it was really high and Travis was so patient with me. What a great guy! We had fun, but I need more practice! It looks so easy. Speaking of golf, Travis picked up a summer job at Quail Hollow. He's so excited that he will get to golf for free and learn a bunch of new skills! Is he pro?

I promise, that was a practice swing!

Good form!

Tucker and Michelle have had an exciting couple of weeks too! Tucker got the priesthood and he was able to give beck a blessing. Then Beck had his first haircut. It was very tramatic- but cute too! This one is my favorite because he was so distraught he held his hand up to his mouth! He looks very handsome with his new do!
Tucker and Michelle also had the opportunity to go to the temple and to be sealed together! It was such a neat experience to watch and see them become more unified. It really brought the family closer together! We love you guys and we are so happy for all the progress they have made!
This is them right after the sealing- how cute!This next picture is my mom and I, as we prepare to run a race! It was the Famous Idaho Potato to help raise money for YMCA programs. We had a blast and I am so proud of my mom because she was able to run almost the whole time!On Sat night after the bbq over at Michelle's parents house we gabbed the clubs and went out to the range to hit a bucket. We had a great time!

After that we went to Travis's dads house to hang out with Gram and Bill. They were a lively bunch! We all sat out on the back patio and they told stories and ate ice cream. Yummy!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Wow, it's been a while!

A month goes by before you know it! So much has happened and I have lots of pictures. Kendra will really like this post because Anson is playing his burping game with us. Sorry mom, boys will be boys!!

Here are more pictures of a bbq we had over at Terry's house. I think it was his birthday. If I remember right he cooked up those yummy salmon burgers! Delicious!!-Urrgh! (that was for Anson). Oh yes, and everyone who was there knows what I mean when I say 'poor squirrel'! (It was caught by the cats while we were outside playing!)

My sister and brother-in-law, Drew, came to Boise to run Robie Creek Race. They brought along my grandma and my niece Carly. This is her new swing which she loves!! She is such a doll and I love her so much! She talks all the time and my favorite thing is to as her what an elephant says and she puts her arm up against her ear and makes the noise! It is the best. It was good to see my grandma too! We love her and her cookies she brings!
Robie Creek came and went and I didn't participate this year, but Travis convinced his old mission companion, and buddy, to run last minute with him. They looked beat and worn-out by the end, but its all worth it, and you really do forget about the pain after the sorness goes away. My brother Scott and my sister Jenny and her husband Drew went also. They all did really good! My job was to stay home and play with the baby! Lucky me!
This was pre-race, trying to do some last minute stretches!

Travis ran so fast, all I could get was his number! You better pace yourself!Here is Drew, I think he got 11th over all!
Everyone finished strong and had fun and didn't get hurt so..yey! This was our month in a nutshell. Tune in next time when I go golfing for my first time- I'll keep score and everything! It might be a long day! I hope Travis is ready! Bye!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter weekend and Travis's Birthday!

We had lots of fun decorating Easter eggs with Scott and Kylee! I love holidays, it makes me feel like a kid again!
HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR HUSBAND!! Here he is sporting his new phone. He didn't just get this present handed to him though, I made him work for it! ( and others.) When he came home from work, I started him on a scavenger hunt that took him all over the place! I hope he had fun because I was more excited than he was at first! Then we went to the Cheesecake Factory. It was so yummy! Then to wrap up the whole day we went over to the church so he could play a little b-ball with the boys from our ward in a tournament. I wish that I could say that they won, the good thing is that everyone had fun! (and no one got hurt-thank heavens!) Oh yeah, as far as the Botkin Easter Egg Hunt went- we got hooked up with lots of fun stuff! Thanks toTerry and Cheryl! Good luck to everyone next year! Hopefully it will not be so cold.