Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fun stuff!

April is just zooming on by! Luckily, I got some good shots! The weather has been crazy lately-really warm and then cold and rainy. I try to take advantage of the time that we get to spend outside! Sidewalk chalk is the best and so tasty, just ask Ella! (Go Travis for drawing a balloon-it was like the best one I've ever seen!)

Soul patch like daddy!

I just have to say that I love the stage that Ella is in right now! (I keep saying that the older her she gets!) I really loved the newborn stage and now that she can crawl and explore-it makes us both happier. That in-between stage between newborn and crawling was a little struggle for me! Thank goodness it didn't last very long! She has such a brave, free spirit. She also knows EXACTLY what she wants and makes no bones about it-I should have made her middle name Sassy! I hope along the way I can learn to set boundaries without squashing that.

BBQ with the grandmas!
Other than that we are doing great! Bring on the sunshine! (and sunscreen!)