Thursday, August 27, 2009

Meet the new teacher!

Travis is now the P.E. / Health teacher at Sawtooth Middle School! He also got the job as the Head Heavyweight Football Coach! We are so excited! He is getting really pumped about football and teaching! This is the perfect job for him! So, if you want to go see him- room # 115 or the gym or the field is where you will find him. Now I will be able to cut back my hours and just work in between Ella and mom time! Good luck Coach!!

Speaking of Ella, she is getting so big. She is now 4 weeks old!!! Oh, my goodness, time flies! She is so fun and we enjoy everything about her- she has quite the personality already! She makes all of these funny faces (which we have named) and she has started smiling and rolling on her side already! I can't even believe it! She is very loud too- she makes all of these grunting noises. I will look in her crib to see if she is awake because of her babbling, but she is asleep! Every move she makes sounds like it takes everything out of her!
Now if we can just get rid of this stinky baby acne! She is the cutest little doll!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meet Ella Jo Botkin!!

She is finally here! Our little girl was born July 29th at 7:58 am. (someone was watching the clock) She was 7 lbs 13 oz and 21 inches long. It was the most amazing experience! -and a little scary too! I started early labor on Tuesday the 28th and we were in the hospital by 12:30 that night ready to have a baby. (After two other false alarms) Well, it ended up that I wasn't quite ready so they sent me home still pregnant with contractions that were very painful, and an Ambien to help me sleep. Well, that would have been great to have gotten some rest, but 45 min after we got home my water broke! Good one doc! Not only was I groggy, but I kinda went into shock too. Long story-short- I pushed for 15-20 min and presto! The most beautiful baby I have ever seen! And where did that hair come from? All of this thick copper penny hair!

It's been a week since she was brought into this world and I already can't imagine life without her. She is the greatest blessing I ever could have asked for. And Travis is over the moon for her too. It has definitely brought out a soft side to him. Every morning he wakes up and can't wait to hold her and kiss her. He has been such a huge help too! I couldn't have done it without him! He had never changed a diaper before- and now he will even handle the poopy ones! He is such a great daddy! And thank you everyone for the support!