Sunday, December 28, 2008

So much has happened since our exciting announcement and we're slowly falling behind so I thought I would give a quick update with a lot of pictures to get us caught back up.  We had a surprise 50th birthday party at the Melting Pot for Wendy! It went great, and was delicious! 
Al brought Wendy in for the big surprise

The delicious fondue spread

 Wendy's glory day pictures
    Thanks so much to all of Wendy's kids that helped put it together!

Next was our little Thanksgiving outing to Cascade.  We had a great time with all of Stacie's family and a delicious Thanksgiving dinner!

The beautiful cabin that we stayed in by the Lake

The start of a big "just for fun" poker tournament

The end of the tournament with Stacie being the big winner!

The whole fam!

Next was our quick trip to Idaho City to get our Christmas tree.  We have done it every year since we have been married so it has kind of become a little family tradition.  Last year I fell in a creek up to my thigh so I made extra sure that didn't happen this year.  We went up with Kendra and Barrett and their kids and had a great time and really picked out a winner!

Bo and Kendra
Eden staying warm
Anson (having a blast!)

Here is the finished product and it was a good one!

We have also been working on a little remodel in our house.  Stacie is going to start working out of the home starting in January so with a lot of help from her dad we have been changing one of our bedrooms into a salon.  Here  are a few before and after pics.  Once we have the finished product I'll make sure to get a picture up! Also thanks so much to Jim for his help with the plumbing! We couldn't have done it without him.

Carpet out and wall cut out for door

New door cut in

Cabinets and chair finally in place

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Most Exciting News of Our Lives!!!

Watch this short little video clip to see what's new in our lives right now! For some reason the first 16 seconds are blank so just skip them and get right to 17 seconds.  We're so stoked!