Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lots of Fun!

These pictures are from Memorial Day. I went down to Utah with my mom and dad to see the fam. We stayed with my sister and I got lots of fun pictures! My little niece is so cute and the smartest little girl in the world! I'm sad they don't live in Boise, maybe someday! It was good to see everyone and to see my grandpa's resting place. The last time I was there it was winter and I couldn't get a look. I love him so much and miss him already!

Carly and I at a tea-party!This is a picture of all of the ladies on the Tingey side (except Melanie and Kylee)

My mom found the kitchen sink she wanted at Ikea and this is how we got it back to my sisters!My grandma's new dog, Gidget, loves Carly!

This is my cousin Heidi and her son Hudson. He is such a sweet boy and so dang cute! I love how you can pinch his rolls all over!
Carly and her bee boots! I wish that the video download was working because when you ask her what is on her boots- she buzzzzs all over town!