Sunday, April 19, 2009


Yeah, spring is here! We have loved the sunshine and warm weat
her! Easter came and went and we had lots of food and family to celebrate the holiday. Here is Travis and I in our Easter attire. 

As you can see-I have started the body transformation! It's exciting and also scary at the same time. I guess from what I hear, motherhood is all about those conflicting feelings. I feel great so far-no sickness to speak of. Just a growing mid-section and mid-night bathroom breaks!! And my hair is rapidly growing back-faster than Scott's! I have to admit that I have considered shaving it again- it has been very convenient and fast!  

This last weekend, Travis and I went with Sara and Spencer Hill up to their cabin in Pine/Featherville for an overnight getaway. It was great! We got there on Friday night and ate a wonderful dinner that Sara made. Then, we got in the hot tub-at least my feet did- and played with the kids. Let me tell ya, those kids are pretty funny and so cute. The youngest one, Carter, didn't know what to think about me- it was the hair- but by the end he warmed up. It is always neat to see your husband playing and helping the little ones! He will be such an awesome dad!

The Hill Family! Thanks guys- we had tons of fun!!
Jenny, Drew, Carly and Ruth came onto town too and after Robie Creek, my parents had a yummy BBQ. All of Drew's family came too! It was good to get to see everyone!! It was a very busy weekend, but we love to spend time with friends and family, so it is worth it!