Monday, October 12, 2009

5 years and a baby later....

So hence the anniversary, we decided to go to dinner without Ella- I was a little anxious! But overall it was ok. Good dinner though, and it was nice to just focus in each other for an hour- even though she crept up in my mind a lot.

In other news Travis's football team won district champs!! It was so fun to see the boys get so excited. They will get called to the field during half-time of the Rocky Mountain High School football game. Good job coach Travis and coach Tucker!!

Lots of pics from the coast- it was such a fun trip and it was the perfect weather!

Ella's first swim and hot tub (feet only!)

Otis Cafe-Yummy!!
Ocean play

Crazy Botkin Boys! (and Anson and Eden)
Resting after beach-strolling
Barking seals in the background
Tillamook Cheese Factory

Giving dad a haircut! (ok..-I trimmed hers just a little in back! It was like a mullett!)