Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter weekend and Travis's Birthday!

We had lots of fun decorating Easter eggs with Scott and Kylee! I love holidays, it makes me feel like a kid again!
HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR HUSBAND!! Here he is sporting his new phone. He didn't just get this present handed to him though, I made him work for it! ( and others.) When he came home from work, I started him on a scavenger hunt that took him all over the place! I hope he had fun because I was more excited than he was at first! Then we went to the Cheesecake Factory. It was so yummy! Then to wrap up the whole day we went over to the church so he could play a little b-ball with the boys from our ward in a tournament. I wish that I could say that they won, the good thing is that everyone had fun! (and no one got hurt-thank heavens!) Oh yeah, as far as the Botkin Easter Egg Hunt went- we got hooked up with lots of fun stuff! Thanks toTerry and Cheryl! Good luck to everyone next year! Hopefully it will not be so cold.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My first tag

1. How long have you and your significant other been together?
* Well, if we are including the little crush we had on each other before Travis left on his mission, that would be since 2001. We dated for a year and have now been married for 3 years and 4 months. (But who is counting!)

2. Who eats more?
* I don't know- unless its nachos, I think he eats more. I do love my food though!

3. Who said I love you first?
* I can't really remember. We tried to convince everyone at the start of our relationship that we were just friends-we knew we weren't-so I think we secretly said I love you a lot.

4. Who is taller?
* It depends on how I wear my hair that day! HaHa! And my shoes. He's a little taller though.

5. Who sings better?
* Travis has a really good voice and he can hit the really low notes- we make up a unique duo!

6.Who does laundry?
* We usually do our own. He's afraid of shrinking my clothes-I hang dry a lot of them- and I don't blame him. He likes his clothes folded a certain way so its easier, for now.

7. Who does dishes?
* We both do.

8.Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
* He does, it's closer to the door.

9. Who pays the bills?
* We have a lot that get taken out automatically, but if it wasn't for Travis, the bills wouldn't get paid on time. I know what and how much they are, though.

10. Who mows the lawn?
* No lawn, we, however, both did it a lot growing up.

11. Who cooks dinner?
* We take that situation day by day, its hard because we both work and he has school- whoever gets done first! I love to cook, but I feel that right now Travis needs to sharpen his skills a little. He does a good job!

12.Who drives when you are together?
* Travis always does- its better that way.

13. Who is stubborn?
* We both are, but we are learning to compromise.

14.Who is the first to admit they are wrong?
* We both have had a hard time with that! But really, its easier to play rock, paper, scissors.

15.Who's parent's do you see the most?
* Mine, Kim Wood might come in a close second.

16. Who kissed who first?
* Travis made the first move- he just couldn't resist me!! (he says he wanted to feel his canteen before his mission though) I'm glad I could help with that!

17.Who proposed?
* He did twice! He woke me up early on the 5th of July and we went on a hot air balloon ride! It was romantic, until the lady that was in the basket with us made the air blow really loud while Travis was giving me the line. I didn't really hear him so he had to start over! It makes me smile to think about! Oh, memories!

18.Who is more sensitive?
* Travis does have a sweet spot that comes out every once and a while, but I have very thin skin! I need a good cry every now and then.

19.Who has more friends?
* If you count all of my clients, I do. Travis is very charismatic and could make friends with a tree. So technically he has more.

20. Who has more siblings?
* Including steps and half he has 7. I have 3 siblings

21. Who wears the pants?
* We make decisions together. We don't really tell each other what to do, we talk about things but we still get to make up our own minds. We have come to an understanding that either we agree or agree to disagree, but it gets nowhere getting mad about each others opinions and trying to change them. We still work on it but we make a pretty good team!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Quick Trip to Portland

Pictures: Trey, Dad, and I at the get to know the competition dinner, Trey and the rest of the shooters from Idaho, Cheryl, Trey and I after our bowling outing.
I made a quick trip to Portland this last weekend with my dad, Trey and Cheryl for Trey's Regional Elks Hoop Shoot free throw contest. Stacie had to stay home because she had appointments she had made already. We left about 10:00 on Friday morning and drove straight there with only a quick fill up stop. When we got there Trey had a get to know your competition dinner activity which was fun for the kids but the food was pretty weak. Saturday morning we had a breakfast and headed straight over the Concordia University to get the free throws going. Shooters from Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Alaska were there competing, so there was a pretty good crowd. To get to this regional tournament, Trey had won at his school, in the school district, in southwest Idaho, and then at State in Kellog Idaho a few weeks ago. He averaged about 23 out of 25 in his past competitions but unfortunately in Portland, we was off the mark a little bit and finished in 4th place. We're still pretty dang proud of him for making it that far and we had fun on that trip. After the free throw shooting we went downtown and shopped for a little while, then went bowling where I cleaned house. Dad couldn't play because of his hip surgery but he was getting around a lot better. Cheryl tried to make it close but I held my ground. Then we went out, got some pizza and headed back to the hotel to get some sleep. We had to get up and leave realy early though so I could be back early enough to go to Idaho City with Stacie and and the in laws (which made for a very long weekend but I had a ton of fun!)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our night at Idaho City

We got some great footage! Travis had rented a cabin in Idaho City, so my brother Scott ( in the video clip) and his wife Kylee, and my sister Jenny and her husband Drew came up with us. We got up there around 2 o'clock and then the girls watched from the car as the boys tried to carry all of our overnight stuff up a really steep hill. I wish we could of got that on tape! (We had to make two trips so the girls waited the first trip to see if the boys could make it.) Well, when the boys finally came back we decided to make it easier and drop our stuff off closer to the trail. From there it was 1/4 mile to the cabin. It was kinda tricky transporting all of that on skis. Good thing the boys were there to help us.
After we got all settled, we went out for the rest of the day and played. We worked up quite an appitite climbing hills and falling a lot.( mostly me! I'm getting good at getting back on my feet quick!) For dinner we roasted some dogs and sat around and chatted. Later on we went on a night ride to take Scott and Kylee back to their car-they didn't spend the night. It was beautiful! It was such a clear sky and there were a million stars!
In the morning we woke up and went out again. Jenny wussed out on the hills and Travis couldn't get enough of the big ones! (He's really good at not falling! Except for this video clip, its a rarity!) Around 11 we decided to head back to Boise. The snow was icy and our butts were getting sore! We had such a great time!