Monday, June 7, 2010

Lovin' Life

Welcome Fisher!! This is like 3 weeks old, but here he is!! Jenny's #2!! (More pics to come when I visit them for a few days this week.) Cuuutie Pie!!
These next pics are when we went on a trip with Luke and Bryn to Park City. They were kind enough to invite us to share their sweet hotel room! Let's just say the first night was interesting-but the second night, she slept like a dream!!

It was this German themed hotel-very fancy!! (I can barely pronounce it let alone spell it!) They had this pastry store there that made the best dessert ever!! It was called a chocolate bombe- and let me tell ya-it was the bomb!! I dream of it now!

Brunch at hotel
Ella is a fish!! She loves the water and now blows bubbles!
This was like a maintenance shed, but very 'themed'
An Ella sized chess board-if only we knew how to play!
Our little walk
Travis and Luke on a man-date ( Bryn and I just didn't want the buffet, so we went swimming instead!)

Back at home with Ella's buddy Ty
Little sweetness!!
Ok dad!... I'm ready for football season!
Daddy's helper!!