Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Baby Info

I forgot the most important info about the new baby!

Her name is Brynlee Mae Spencer and she was 7 lbs. 5oz. and 20 1/2 inches. This is her showing off her flexibility skills!
Silly girl!

We are still here!

Hello Everyone!
Man, we have been so busy! we finished up the summer and Travis is back to school. (technically, he never stopped- summer school!) Anyways, so much has happened!!

First and most important! Kylee and Scott had their baby! Yeah! I am so excited to be a new aunt! She is adorable and healthy! Kylee was such a trooper, as everyone knows her to be. And Scott was very sleep deprived. I think he had been at the hospital for a while (he worked a shift before she went into labor) But all is well and she is very sweet!! This whole situation really bumps up my baby hungry-ness(?)!! HaHa!

I think she might be thinking about christening Scott's shoulder! It's still so cute!

I'm going to rewind a little bit. We finished off our summer with a fun ol' backpacking trip. This is my second outing and I really enjoy it. The only thing is that I always find a way to get hurt, especially when Luke and Bryn go. Bryn couldn't make it his time, but I still managed to pull it off! Anyone that knows me and is wondering if I twisted my ankle--I did! Yes, would you expect anything else? And I got two huge blisters- but all in all I loved it! The weather was perfect and it was nice to be outside of the hussle and bussle of the city!
We started the hike around 10 and finally got our tent set up at midnight!
A little fishing- no luck though!
And a little relaxing!
We hiked to the Trinity Lakes passed Anderson Dam. There were so many little lakes that were nestled in the mountains. We will definitely go again!

In other recent news, Travis just had his first football game with Lewis and Clark last night and they won!! He is such a good coach and the boys really listen to him and look up to him. They needed to shield their eyes for a moment though, while Travis got a 15 yd penalty! All he was doing was defending his poor, skinny kicker! But all that matters is that they won! (in overtime) Yeah!