Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wow, A lot has happened!

Well we finally got a new computer yesterday since my laptop crashed a couple of months ago and we haven't been able to do much blogging but so much has happened since our last post so I thought I would take things into my own hands and get work done! :-) Stacie has been really busy as this holiday season has been rapidly approaching.  Not only has she been busy with her business but WE BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE!!! And since I'm not a lot of help decorating, she has been taking care of most of that.  So we've been in our place for about 3 weeks now and absolutely love it!  Haven't taken any pictures yet but thats cause we don't love the paint job.  Anyways we're in, and with a lot of help from Stacie's parents we will hopefully have her a salon put in by the end of the year so she can start working out of the house in case we decide to have kids someday :-)  I have still been doing the same old thing, going to work at UPS every night at 10:30, and trying to finish up this semester strong.  I'll start my student teaching next month though and graduate in May, so I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Stacie's dad bought tickets for the Nevada vs BSU game this last weekend so we took a little guys trip to Reno.  It was Big Al, Charlie, Scott, Brad Lau, and myself and we had a blast.  Spent a little time at the tables but most of the time at the buffets which we made sure to get our moneys worth!  It was a fun game though and we had a great time.  This coming weekend for Thanksgiving we're going to Tamarack with all of Stacie's family to celebrate Thanksgiving and just get out of town, so that we'll be nice.  We'll be sure to take some pictures and hopefully get a little more on top of our blog updates.