Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little Cinder-Ella!!

My sister threw me a Utah meet-the-baby shower this last weekend and it was so much fun! Thanks for all of the support and help! This tutu is one of Ella's presents that Kylee made for her. (those are Travis's new school colors!) And a cherry clip that Jenny made. She is the cutest baby ever!! And a good traveler too. She just slept the whole time- except to eat- and then she went off to dreamland again! Thanks Ella!

Speaking of sleep- we have been really lucky with our little peanut because she is now sleeping through the night!! YAY! She is now 7 weeks old and we love her even more- if that is possible! Enjoy the pics!

I love to smooch on that sweet smile!

Looks like Travis?
Three cuz' ins
Pouty face
Brynlee's 1st birthday!
Grandma Wendy
Beck and Carly

Mommy and me

And more to come....