Saturday, July 31, 2010

Miss Ella Jo Botkin is ONE!!!

I am kinda having a hard time with this turning one thing. I am so excited for all of the learning and growing she is doing, but it is hard to let go of certain phases. Mostly I want my sweet little baby to not get any more sassy-er! I like to think of her as one of those fireball candies-not only does the color match- she is gets so fiery on the outside (like having an opinion even without talking-she will let you know) that I can't stand it, but then you get to the sweet core (which consists of endless open-mouthed, gooey kisses and her eyes that light up when she smiles) and it keeps you wanting more!! (I love those things!!) My mom tells me how much she loves how Ella is so spirited and most times I agree- she is not one to be quiet and just sit there. So I guess what I am saying is that I am just taking a dose of my own medicine (also something that my mother tells me) and in the long run I prefer it! I would not change a thing about her!! One day this chick is going to move mountains!! I love her so much and she is the greatest blessing that has been brought to our little family.
Now that I am done with my little rant- on to the party! We had such a good time. We obviously had a pool party over at the Browne's house. Food, friends, family and cake!! Good times!

Thank you everyone for making Ella's day so special!!

Here is the present that Travis and I made for Ella (I put Travis in there because he mostly kept me company in the garage while I worked on it-except when I needed more than one set of hands!! Thanks hun!!)
Before- $20 investment

After- endless hours of fun!! (in a few months!- she is not quite there yet)

I have to point out that my dad added a little electric flare! He put a light in the oven and on the hutch that Ella can flip a switch and he put these cute red led lights on the stove top on the left that she can push on!! It made the piece!!
It was a ton of work and took lots of time, but I really enjoyed having a project to work on and tear down and build back up to make something that will be in our house forever! Till the next project...

And a few pictures of a little jaunt to Idaho City with Grandma Munson's 4-wheeler. So fun!!