Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good Job Coach!!

Travis just finished coaching an 8th grade basketball team on Monday. It was so fun to get to go watch him. He is really good with the boys and they really admire him. We won't mention the win-lose record, but we will tell you that they had a great time and they learned and improved ALOT! So, Travis now has some more free time to maybe take a nap. He deserves it!

Monday, February 25, 2008

We're finally jumping on the blog bandwagon

Well here we are, setting up our own blog finally. Every time we see family or go over to my Kim Woods house something about blogs comes up and we are just out of the loop. Everybody else has kids to talk about and stuff but for right now it's just the two of us. It is definitely going to take us a little while to get all of the kinks worked out on this page but I know Stacie will do an awesome job with it! We'll get more pictures up soon and hopefully have a fun story or two, to ad to the page but until then you're stuck with this boring post. But don't worry, there is nowhere to go but up from here and things will definitely get better from here on out!