Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And what did we do before we had kids...?

I Love this girl so much!!

Brinlee-17 months, Ella-squishing her! (2 days till 6 months!)

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Holidays and A Happy New Year!!

Christmas came and went this year in the Botkin home. I felt like a single parent half of Nov- thru Dec since Travis had his full-time teaching job plus UPS in the evenings. And I was working my tailfeather off to squeeze in my clients before the holidays. Thank goodness we lived to tell about it! Now Travis is done with UPS for good! YAY! Except for the fact that we will miss the insurance- I am glad that phase is behind us! Now he can be around to enjoy us girls- even if I have to work a little more- it's worth it!!
Christmas Eve
Major bed head Christmas morning!
Thanks Grandmas!
Christmas Day, we decided to head out of town to visit family in Utah. I had taken the whole next week off and Travis was on Christmas break, so we crashed at my sister's for a few days. It was lots of fun! We saw Travis's Grandma and went backcountry skiing with Jenny and Drew and Carly. The two little ones rode behind us in the good ole' chariot. It's awesome- we need to save our pennies and invest in one!

Is there room for me?!

I got to spend the day with my grandma Ruth and my cousin Heidi while Jenny and drew went to a funeral and Travis went up boarding with Charlie at Snowbird. We went to lunch and did some shopping- then Millie and Ella got to know each other. It was so cute to see how Ella interacts. They were rolling over each other and Ella started giggling while they were playing with a puzzle piece! It was priceless! I loved to get to spend some time with Heidi and to see her cute kids!
Ella and Millie
It was a playful head-lock!

Hudson (Heidi's oldest)
Ella's been growing up so fast! She rolls all over town and can sit up on her own (if the mood strikes-and the right toy is involved!) I am so excited to start the new year with my family. Hopefully I can keep all of my new year's goals! Good luck to everyone else who has set some!

Best cuzn's
Oh! I almost forgot! Travis was in an assembly for his school where the kids choose the teachers to dress up as elfs and participate in a competition. Lucky Travis!! Here is the evidence!
He can dance?
Of course he won-he is a Botkin!