Monday, June 7, 2010

Lovin' Life

Welcome Fisher!! This is like 3 weeks old, but here he is!! Jenny's #2!! (More pics to come when I visit them for a few days this week.) Cuuutie Pie!!
These next pics are when we went on a trip with Luke and Bryn to Park City. They were kind enough to invite us to share their sweet hotel room! Let's just say the first night was interesting-but the second night, she slept like a dream!!

It was this German themed hotel-very fancy!! (I can barely pronounce it let alone spell it!) They had this pastry store there that made the best dessert ever!! It was called a chocolate bombe- and let me tell ya-it was the bomb!! I dream of it now!

Brunch at hotel
Ella is a fish!! She loves the water and now blows bubbles!
This was like a maintenance shed, but very 'themed'
An Ella sized chess board-if only we knew how to play!
Our little walk
Travis and Luke on a man-date ( Bryn and I just didn't want the buffet, so we went swimming instead!)

Back at home with Ella's buddy Ty
Little sweetness!!
Ok dad!... I'm ready for football season!
Daddy's helper!!


Brad Hyde Family said...

Cute pictures Staci. Tell Jenny congrats!

Barney Blah...g said...

What fun! You guys are the bomb, although the chocolate thing sounds yummy!

shellee said...

Tell jenny congrats for me. I thought about naming one of our kids fisher. Does jenny have an email? If she does can you post it to my blog and I can send her a note. Your little family is super cute.

MOLLY said...

i can't get sailor to blow bubbles, she will through a straw, but not in the pool. maybe i need to take a straw to the pool ;) ella is getting so big. she looks so much like both of you!!! isn't life grand with a little girl at your side?!

Brad and Britt said...

I was so glad to at least SEE you and ELLA before you left for Boise, even if it was for just a few seconds at church!